Find summaries of my key papers below, click the images to access full open-access pdf versions. This is not an exhaustive list, if you can’t find a paper here then check my ResearchGate.

Optimal sizing of an energy storage portfolio considering multiple timescales

Formulation for determining optimal energy storage portfolio with various technologies for short and long-term storage. Specifically looks at Li-Ion batteries, power to hydrogen, and compressed air storage.

Modeling the ability of a mixed renewable generation electricity system with storage to meet consumer demand

Introducing SCORES (see code and user guide).

The opportunity for smart charging to mitigate the impact of electric vehicles on transmission and distribution systems

Considers the extent to which smart charging can protect the transmission and distribution systems simultaneously using the British network as a test case.

Capturing diversity in electric vehicle charging behavior for network capacity estimation

We propose a data-driven stochastic model for uncontrolled electric vehicle charging which combines conventional vehicle survey data with electric vehicle trial data.

Coordinated electric vehicle charging to reduce losses without network impedances

We propose an optimization framework for minimizing losses in a distribution network with electric vehicle charging that doesn’t require the line impedances.

The case for bi-directional charging of EVs in low voltage distribution networks

We investigate how the additional benefits to the distribution network of bi-directional charging of electrical vehicles compares to the additional energy losses.

Clustering of usage profiles for electric vehicle behavior analysis

K-means clustering is used on travel survey to identify common modes of vehicle use.

Numerical analysis of national travel data to assess the impact of uk fleet electrification

A model is developed for predicting energy consumption of an electric vehicle.